Fresh Flowers: Peachy Keen

First post? Yes. Let’s do this! Today’s topic? FLOWERS, YAY!

OK seriously, I can get a little too giddy over fresh flowers; what can I say beside I love them! They add so much character, whimsy, and romance to an office or living space, and there’s no substitute, except an enchanting garden full of fresh flowers of course. Silk floral arrangements are nice, but just don’t do it for me. Flower snob? I would like to think not, I just genuinely enjoy fresh flowers and all they have to offer. I only wish they didn’t die, makes me sad every time. But then again, there’s a whole new bunch of flowers waiting at the market to be picked up and played with. 
peach rose gladiolus floral

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying my hand at floral design. Note, I am not a professional, nor do I have any training what so ever. This is purely a hobby of mine, and possibly poorly executed. But then again, it’s only for me and my creative outlet, so I just create what I want. That being said,I did pick up a book recently that’s full of wonderful ideas, great instructions, and tips on specific flowers. It’s called The Flower Recipe Book and it’s lovely! If you have an interest in making your own arrangements at home, then it may just be the book for you. That and the world wide web of course!

peach rose gladious floral prep

I was shopping at my local Whole Foods (they have some awesome choices for a grocery store) and saw these gorgeous peach Gladiolus that were on sale for $3.33; I mean, how could I resist such an awesome price? Seriously, those are HUGE flowers/stems, and quite a steal. But of course, I loaded up on a few other options, which were fairly cheap minus the pinky orange garden roses. Those aren’t cheap, but I love them and needed a beautiful bold flower.

peach rose floral prep

I wanted shades of peach, so I hunted through the selection and ended up with Carnations, Garden Roses, Wax Berries, Gladiolus, and Bupleurum as a green filler. I really love carnations; I know they may not be much on their own, but they’re a fantastic accent flower, in my totally personal opinion. With so many colors to choose from, and a low cost, they’re an easy addition to flower arrangements. Plus these striped peach and orange/pink ones add extra texture and flair, couldn’t resist!

peach rose gladious floral up close

Take some time to experiment with different heights, textures, and shapes; consider the space you’re trying to fill. Personal flower arrangements are your creation, so above all, have fun!

Again, the internet is a wonderful resource for inspiration and helps give you an idea of what styles of arrangements you can make. The possibilities are endless like your creative mind, so visit your local farmers market, whole sale flower store, or grocery store for a wide array of flowers and pick what inspires you! If you’re on a budget or unsure which flowers to pick up, try one of those prearranged bouquets. It’s amazing how you can transform those by rearranging them, cutting different stem heights, and grouping flowers.

peach rose florals nightstand

Last but not least, display that bitchin’ arrangement you just made, smell the roses, and enjoy them while they last! They’re sure to brighten up your home, especially if you have those lovely unassuming beige walls us renters are married to in every apartment/house ever rented.


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