Thrift Curations: Romantic Industrial

For those who don’t know me, let me just say, I love antiques and vintage items. I honestly can say I attribute it to my parents, at least the introduction to the art of antiquing. As a kid, I remember how I was “dragged” to many antique stores and malls, walking up and down the aisles thinking about how bored I was. Man, how times have changed! Now I cannot get enough, and I have my parents to thank. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! One of my favorite past times is antique hunting with those two.

antique collection

Recently, I took my parents to the Austin City Wide Garage Sale; I’ve been a few times, but this was their first. It’s not a “garage sell” perse, more like a giant estate sale full of awesome antiques, and then some. Personally, I think it has some of the best antique/vintage home decor prices in town! I grew up in small town Texas, so I’m used to hunting antiques and vintage finds in…well, small towns throughout Texas. Austin has some amazing antique shops, but also some prices that are far above and beyond my price point. I personally enjoy the hunt for a great price, it’s just my thing. To each his/her own!

vintage pastel bird painting

So with that, let’s explore this curation! This whimsical and pastel bird watercolor was picked up recently at the Texas Antique Alley. There was a wonderful booth set up that had a very Anthropologie feel; that being one of my favorite stores (although usually out of my price range), I naturally just had to stop there! I found this amazing pastel bird print (yes, delicate gold frame and all) for only $10! I mean, you can hardly get a frame, let along a print, for $10. So…what I’m saying is, get out there and thrift, yo!

vintage westcloxOne thing I love collecting is vintage clocks, specifically the Westclox brand. It’s a small, humble, collection that I’m happy with, but equally happy to grow it of course! I bought these two bad boys at the City Wide Garage Sale for $10 each. Maybe I’m still young, but never have I come across a Westclox for only $10! Granted, they do not work, but what’s not to say that I can’t get in there, oil them up, and get them working? Need to try one of these days; but, until then they will sit pretty on my shelf. These two were produced between 1939 – 1956.

crystal rock

Oh yes, I’m starting a small rock and gemstone collection, so naturally I had to scoop up this lovely rock, again at the City Wide Garage Sale. It has a very druzy feel for only a $3. Currently it’s sitting nice and pretty on my bookshelf!

vintage tiny pulley

Last but not least, this adorable teeny tiny pulley! Seriously, it’s itty bitty; you may not be able to tell, but trust me. For only $2, I couldn’t pass it up. It fits perfectly on a shelf or table, and adds the perfect addition of industrial to any decor. Currently, I have plans to turn a pulley into a industrial light fixture or hanging plant hardware, so you may see this pulley again in the future!

Anyway, my lasting words are: if you love the eclectic, whimsical, retro, vintage, or antique look, go visit your local antique store and explore their finds! No, everything is not going to be laid out nicely in multiple quantities, you’re going to have to dig and search; however, the hunt is a whole part of the find! Just knowing that you searched far and wide to find something that truly fits your style is worthwhile. Have fun hunting!!!


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