Bacon + Peach Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich

Nothing screams “eat me and enjoy every single last bite” more than a grilled cheese; it’s definitely one of the loves of my life. Bread and cheese? Yes please! It’s the perfect pairing, and with the endless ingredients out there, the possible combinations are unlimited! If you dream it, you can pretty much make it and it will be damn delicious. So this week, I pay homage to the grilled cheese but with a specialty twist.

bacon peach grilled cheese sandwich ii

This bad boy was whipped up with a combination of mouth watering thick sliced bacon, some creamy goat cheese, peaches, honey, fresh mint and basil, and probably my favorite local sourdough from Easy Tiger.

Seriously y’all, if you live in the Austin area and haven’t had Easy Tiger yet, get out and go! They’re located in a charming old building on East 6th, in the heart of downtown. The dine in experience is truly great, with a handful of choices for scrumptious food, amazing breads, and a great selection of draft beers, this German and European influenced restaurant/bakery cannot be missed. If you’re planning a trip to Austin soon, it’s definitely worth your time to check it out; delicious food, yummy draft beer, great vibes. What more could you ask for?

bacon peach grilled cheese prep

Anyway, back to the grilled cheese. Yeah, I’ve kinda been on a peach kick lately. I can’t seem to escape it; it’s probably the fact that peach season is coming to a close, so now I’m gorging myself on these fuzzy little fruits. Oh summer fruits and veggies, how I love you and will miss you when you’re gone!

bacon peach grilled cheese goat cheese

You can’t have a grilled cheese without the cheese, I mean, that would completely defeat the purpose! Like I mentioned, this recipe calls for delicious goat cheese. You have a few choices with this one; you can either use a goat cheese spread for your bread, or if it’s more of a block of cheese, you can crumble it up. This time around I used one of my personal favorites, the Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese; it’s a subtle cheese, and not too gamy like some goat cheese can be. With hints of floral, citrus, and herbs, it pairs nicely with the bacon and honey for a sweet and savory sandwich. The nice thing about this particular sandwich is that it would be great for brunch, lunch, or dinner, as it has a sweet meets savory profile.

bacon pear grilled cheese bacon

Another major love of my life? Um, bacon of course! Just looking at that thick ass, peppery bacon is making my mouth water. I dream of bacon, and always love picking up some freshly made bacon from the grocery store butcher. They’re always rolling out new slabs of bacon with a variety of ingredients, so it’s nice to try something new from time to time besides my staple favorites, the peppered and apple wood smoked varieties. Mmmm, bacon bacon bacon, bacon bacon.

bacon peach grilled cheese cooking iii

To grill, I fired up the stove and heated my cast iron skillet. I inherited this cast iron skillet when my husband and I got married; I had honestly never used one before in my life, and quite frankly was intimidated by it. I mean, you only wash the thing with hot water and a scrub brush, and then the whole seasoning thing?! For two years it sat, untouched, on my shelf. Finally, within the last year or so, I decided to use it after reading about how perfect cast irons are for searing steak or deep frying, well, whatever you want to deep fry. I’ve never looked back  and love using this skillet for almost every last meal. I haven’t attempted scrambled eggs yet though… still slightly intimidated.

To make, I simply layered the sandwich in the cast iron: first, I laid down a buttered piece of bread and applied a layer of crumbled goat cheese, followed by a generous amount of peach slices and some thick bacon; secondly, I tore up some mint and basil leaves and spaced those out over the mounting pile of deliciousness; lastly, I topped it with a few more crumbles of cheese, and drizzled some honey across the entire sandwich and threw on the other piece of bread,. I then proceeded to grilled the hell out of it; I prefer my sandwiches crispy and charred, so I leave them on there a little longer.
bacon peach grilled cheese sandwich

Lastly, cut it up and serve it! I’m already dreaming about making this sandwich again; looking at these photos doesn’t help curve the craving. Mmmm mmmm. So, give it a try and tell me what you think or what variations you may have tried! I hope you enjoy this sandwich as much as me.


Serves 1

2 slices of sourdough (or bread of choice)
2 slices of bacon
peach slices
goat cheese, either crumbled or spread onto bread to your liking
fresh mint, torn
fresh basil, torn
drizzle of honey


This recipe is not an exact science, so have fun and add as much or as little as you like of each ingredient.

Begin by preparing your bacon, either by cooking it in the skillet or baking it in the oven; once cooked, remove and drain on a plate with a paper towel.

Slice bread and butter one side; lay it down on the skillet buttered side down. If you’re using goat cheese spread, go ahead and spread it across the non-buttered side of the bread prior to cooking. Layer the goat cheese, peach slices, cooked bacon, torn mint and basil leaves, and drizzle with honey to your liking. Top off with the other piece of bread.

Grill for several minutes, flip and continue to grill for several more minutes on the other side until it has reached a consistency/crispiness you like. Remove, cut, eat, and enjoy!


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