Watermelon Cucumber Margarita

Summer is still going strong, at least in Texas, which means two things: watermelon and margaritas! Seriously, nothing screams summer like these two…so, why not bring them together in a perfect fusion of sweet, salty, and super cool, cucumber cool that is. This margarita is sure to quench your thirst while you reminiscence on the summer memories you’ve made so far.

watermelon marg

Margaritas have always been my first love when it comes to cocktails; admittedly though, I was younger and uninformed, and would use those super sugary and cheap cocktail mixes found at the grocery store that truly just don’t do margaritas justice, along with poor quality tequila. Since those days, the mixes available have become tremendously better! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I live in a city now instead of a small town, or the fact that so many more specialty mixes are available, but either way I’m thankful for a quality mixer from time to time. Today, however, there are no prepared mixes because we’re going full on freshly squeezed!

watermelon wedge

This is clearly not your classic margarita, but instead offers a delicious and refreshing combination of fresh watermelon, cucumber, and lime juice, along with tequila and triple sec of course!


And as always, it will be a sad day when watermelon is no longer available at the grocery store, farmers market, or in your backyard garden for some of you green thumb folks out there; however, it’s always nice to welcome in the next round of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

watermelon marg tequila

Good ol’ tequila! I’ve had my fair share of bad tequilas in my younger days, but I’ve since then wised up. When selecting a tequila, you should always go for the choices made with 100% agave. The reason being that the sugars used are wholly derived from the blue agave plant, creating a higher quality, authentic, and superior product. The tequilas that are not 100% are required to use a minimum of 51% agave; however, the remaining sugars are combinations from various sources, leading to a cheaper, less quality product that tends to produce nastier hangovers. The best part, there are so many quality and wonderful 100% agave tequilas on the market that won’t break the bank, such as El Espolón Tequila Blanco used today!

watermelon marg ii

Enough about tequila facts and choices! It’s time to carve up that watermelon you’ve been eyeing, bust out the tequila, and squeeze some limes for a totally cool summer sip. So, jump in the kitchen, get to work, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

watermelon cucumber margarita


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