Fresh Flowers: Fantastic Fuchsia Pink

Jeez, sometimes I can’t get enough of fresh flowers! It’s truly one thing I don’t ever think I’ll get over or give up. Sometimes it’s a bit of an addiction, and it doesn’t help when your friends feed it! I currently have two friends working in the floral industry, so when they give you free flowers that are just leftovers, how can you turn that down?

pink rose dahlia celosia arrangement

I recently received a ridiculous amount of roses from my dear friend Laura; and when I say ridiculous, I mean it. 100 roses? What to do with 100 roses! Granted some of them were already dying and therefore unusable, but plenty others were ready, waiting to be arranged into something beautiful. My favorite of the bunch were these beautiful pink tipped white roses; they smelled delicious, looked amazing, and added the perfect touch of elegance to my otherwise bold and eclectic arrangement.

pink rose dahlia celosia prep up close

In addition to the free roses (yay!) I picked up some gorgeous cactus dahlias, seeded eucalyptus, peach hypericum berries, alstoemeria, and celosia plumes. I also threw in an additional green filler, although I don’t remember the name…oops!

pink celosia up close

Celosia might be one of my favorite flowers! I find them absolutely fascinating and delightful. There’s something about the fuzziness and bright colors that gets to me. I especially love the “brain” celosia because it truly does look like a velvety and bold colored brain. I first discovered these three years ago when I got married; my florist put them in my bridal bouquet along with other tabletop arrangements, and the obsession started. I had never noticed them before, but then again I didn’t know much about flowers a few years ago. Not that I know a whole lot now, but I’ve taken some time to learn and read up to an extent.  🙂

pink rose dahlia celosia up close

For the first time ever, I used a magic trick to get all these flowers to stay in place! Okay okay, it’s not really magic, but might as well be. I used this fantastic Oasis Wet Foam, which is basically floral foam that absorbs water so you can precisely place your flowers and keep them hydrated for days. I have plenty of little random antique candy dishes, recipe boxes, and other odds and ends floating around my house that I have always wanted to use for flowers; the problem, however, is the fact that most of the time the vessel is too shallow to support a top heavy flower, leaving me to seek out deeper vases for free form arrangements.

pink rose dahlia celosia arrangement complete

Let me tell you, it was so much fun to play with! I did a little bit of reading up before hand, just to make sure that I did everything correctly as it doesn’t come with instructions. It’s pretty simple, just a few things to keep in mind like patiently letting your foam soak up the water, to ensuring you’re cutting  your stem at an angle to allow for a smooth puncture into the foam. While it’s probably not something you’d have on hand for everyday use, it’s fantastic for any special arrangements you may be making at home for a party, shower, or even your own special event.

pink rose dahlia celosia arrangement full

Anyway, enough about wet foam, time for your to see the big picture! This truly might be one of my favorite arrangements I’ve made to date; I just couldn’t stop staring at all the bold and bright colors, or smelling this delicious medley of flowers. I particularly enjoyed it paired next to one of my vintage bright globes, with, of course, vintage props like old books! The container used for this particular arrangement is a vintage dovetailed recipe box I picked up a few years ago for a couple of dollars. Now, take time to stop and smell the roses, or arrange a design of your own!


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