Simple Ginger Margarita

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to unwind with a delicious cocktail and conversation with friends, family, or possibly even your pet(s). They may not be able to share a cocktail with me, but those furry friends make great listeners and cuddle buddies. Often times when I’m in the kitchen, my cat Nora wants to be my sidekick and always has to check out what’s going on. She’s definitely a space invader to the max.

ginger margarita mixers

What I love most about this cocktail is its simplicity; while I love making a great homemade cocktail from scratch, it’s also really wonderful to have a quick option that’s equally delicious and quality for those long exhausting work days or when my pantry is lacking! That’s why I love these mixers by Powell & Mahoney; they use quality, limited, and natural ingredients, exactly how I like my cocktails. I can find these mixers at my local Whole Foods in Texas, but they definitely have a great distribution network and online store if you’re looking. For this cocktail, I simply used a suggested recipe off the back of the bottle itself.

ginger margarita prep

This otherwise classic margarita adds a kick of ginger for a little something extra, adding an additional depth of flavor and spice. Since I’m using the margarita mixer, limes are completely optional. I was cooking with some that evening, so I figured to hell with it, I’m cutting them up and using them for the presentation photos and extra garnish. For the rim, I mixed equal parts sugar and salt; I’m a fan of savory + sweet, and thought that with the addition of ginger, a sprinkle of sugar would pair well.

gigner margarita up top ii

Ever since I started exploring photography, more specifically food and drink photography, I’ve become a bit obsessed with finding fun kitchen props. I have more bar glasses now than I know what to do with, besides drink out of of course! I particularly enjoy finding vintage barware, there are some great options out there to hunt for. Besides barware, I love finding fun napkins and tea towels. Speaking of tea towels, how great it this cactus towel by textile designer Amelie Mancini. I picked it up at a small shop I stumbled upon a few weeks back called Take Heart in East Austin; it was hard to get out of that store without several treasures, this tea towel included. But really, check out that artist/designer, her handmade work it beautiful!

ginger margarita presentation

On that note, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday and enjoying the changing seasons as we start to dive into Fall. I seriously cannot wait to start wearing boots and sweaters, curling up next to the fire, and cooking/creating with the delicious seasonal fruit coming our way; however, in the meantime I’ll raise my glass to another margarita, my favorite summer staple.


serves 1

2 oz tequila blanco
1 1/2 oz P&M margarita mixer
1/2 oz P&M old ballycastle ginger mixer

lime wedge, for garnish
crystallized ginger candy


Combine salt and sugar equally; using the lime wedge, run it along the outside rim of your glassware. Dip the rim into the salt/sugar and roll the glass until either half or all is covered.

In a shaker over ice, measure out tequila, margarita mixer, and ginger mixer; shake until well combined. Strain into rimmed glass over ice.

Garnish with lime wedge and/or crystallized ginger candy.



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