Jalapeno Infused Tequila

Happy Wednesday folks! What better way to gear up for the weekend than with some infused spirits! Today we’re diving head first into a spicy jalapeño infused tequila.

Cabo Wabo Tequila

Living in the Southwest, there’s plenty of love for all things spicy to go around. Jalapeños are added to practically everything, dishes, salsas, dips, spirits, you name it. My husband, Spencer, is a big time fan of spicy foods, so when I mentioned a jalapeño infused tequila, he sure as hell wasn’t going to turn that one down.


Infusing your spirits is really quite easy, all it takes is a little prep work and some patience. Yes, patience! So if you’re wanting to make something delicious with an infused spirit, ensure that you prep ahead of time in order to allow at least 24 hours for the infusion. I’ll be making Pineapple Mexican Mules this weekend, mmm mmmm! Keep your eye out for that posting in a few days.

jalapeno infused tequila start

Ah jalapeños, feel the burn! For those who may have limited knowledge or handling of hot peppers, like jalapeños, let me just tell you to handle these puppies with caution. It’s easy to transfer the oils from inside the pepper, mainly around the inner veins and seeds, onto your skin. It might seem harmless, but if you got those oils on your hands, they will feel like they’re on fire after thirty minutes to an hour. It is not fun! I didn’t realize this when I first started cooking a few years ago. I sat down to enjoy a meal with Spencer after a bit of cooking, and suddenly my hand was burning, yet it looked completely normal. It drove me crazy.

A simple trick I use to remove those oils involves lime (or lemon.) You can simply slice a lime and run the juices on your hands to counteract the pepper oils for insta relief! This has always worked for me, but there are plenty of other suggestions out there like dish soap, olive oils, baking soda, etc.

Don’t worry though, there are easy precautions to take to avoid any unpleasant feelings. Most sources suggest wearing thin latex gloves to avoid any oils; that’s probably the safest option. Admittedly though, I don’t use gloves. I always try to keep my grip on the outside of the pepper, avoiding the inner vein and seeds. Luckily for this infused spirit, you only need to slice jalapeños so you shouldn’t have issues.

jalapeno infused tequila prep

Combine your tequila and jalapeños in a vessel like a mason jar; I let mine sit at room temperature for 48 hours, but 24 is plenty sufficient. You’ll notice your jalapeños fading in color, and your tequila will start to turn a slight greenish color.

jalapeno infused tequila pour

Next you’ll want to strait the peppers from your infusion; I used a hand held sieve and funnel to transfer the tequila back into its original bottle, but you can choose to keep it in the jar/glass/etc. that you used for infusion.

jalapeno tequila

Tequila flavored jalapeños anyone?

jalapeno infused tequila finished

There’s that greenish hued tequila I was talking about 🙂 After 48 hours of infusing, there was definitely a kick to this tequila; it has a nice subtle but spiciness to it. I look forward to mixing it into plenty of cocktails to come!


3 jalapeños
750 ml tequila 


Slice up the three jalapeños

In a jar, combine the jalapeños and 750 ml of tequila (standard sized bottle). Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours. 

After 24 hours or more has passed, strain the tequila through a sieve into bottle of your choice, or recycle the jar used for infusion. 

Last but not least, enjoy!


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