Fresh Flowers: Violet Valentine’s

Hello world! I hope your Sunday is going as well as mine; it’s a beautiful day, the sun it out, and I’ve got some fresh flowers to enjoy! It happens to also be Valentine’s Day, you know, the holiday full of chocolates, red roses, and diamonds. Well…I’m not one to subscribe to the traditional Valentine’s Day, so I decided to throw together a lovely arrangement full of shades of violet, mauve, and lilac and deviated away from the usual pink and red.

boutinerre layout

But who says this holiday has to be about romantic love? How about those in our lives whom we love and bring us great joy? That’s why I also love to support Galentines/Palentines day! We should be celebrating anyone and everyone who makes a difference in our life. That also includes yourself; take some time to appreciate yourself and treat yo’ self, because we all know that a lot of times we end up putting ourselves second to everything.

white runnuculus close up

That being said, one of my favorite things to have around the house are fresh flowers. They never fail to bring a smile to my face with their cheerfulness, sweet aromas, and delicate petals. Even something as small as flowers can brighten your day. So again, treat yo’ self to some flowers anytime, anywhere! Who say’s someone has to give them to you as a romantic gesture?

bouquet carnation side

Not saying that’s bad, because I love receiving flowers; but I also love to buy flowers and arrange. My husband, Spencer, and I have a running joke with giving/receiving flowers in our household. I used to work above a grocery store so had quick and easy access to loads of fresh varieties. Three consecutive times we both brought flowers home on the same day! We kid that our minds were just in sync those days, but it led to the joke of coordinating our floral purchases. But can too many flowers really be a bad thing?

out of focus

For this arrangement, I went with an array of flowers in shades of purple,  including but not limited to Carnations, Scabiosa, Ranunculs, Peonies, and Cabbage! Despite my attempt to warm up my peonies, they didn’t bloom which makes me a tad bit sad, but I know in a few days time they’ll be oh so lovely. In addition to those flowers, I have some green and purple leafy fillers, as well as a beautiful and delicate white flower whose name I’m still trying to find. Fact: I don’t know all the names to the varieties I buy from time to time, I just find them inspirational. I’m trying to be more productive of writing down the names!

arrangement cabbage side

For my vases, I used a wonderful vintage art deco McCoy vase, as well as a lovely vibrant ceramic cup from Austin artist Lindsey Wohlgemuth of Foxwares. I picked up that beauty over at Mockingbird Domestics, which if you’re local and haven’t been there yet, you must. It’s a beautiful curated collection of vintage, handmade goods (many local artists) and beautiful handcrafted furniture.

arrangement + blue vase

No matter how you’re spending this Sunday, take some time to appreciate someone you love or yourself! 


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