Fresh Flowers: Lavish Lavender

I’ve really been digging purple flowers lately, what can I say?  Especially shades is lilac, lavender, and grape. I think deep down I’m just ready for Spring, arguably one of my favorite seasons up there with Autumn.

Spring or no spring, I was inspired by these lovely purple flowers I stumbled upon at the flower market. I decided to stick with a soft, feminine palette with shades of light pink, lilac, and cream.

This floral recipe is made up of dahlia, peonies, hellebores, dusty miller, feather eucalyptus, and calcinea.

I wanted to keep the arrangement whimsical and light, so I kept it loose with varying greens, textures, and heights.

Don’t you just wish flowers could last indefinitely? I sure as shit do! But then again, the romance and beauty if something so fleeting would be lost.

For my vessel I choose my trusty vintage wooden recipe box! I love using this thing, I really ought to find some more while I’m out treasure hunting.

Well, there you have it! A whimsical and feminine floral arrangement! I hope it can inspire as we get ready to move into spring!


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