Silverthorne | Breckenridge | Keystone

Hell yes, vacation time. It’s been 6 long years since I’ve been to the mountains during winter; I was itching to get out there and experience snow and chilly weather! It’s been so unseasonably warm in Austin; I’m not sure we ever even experienced a freeze, as all my plants are alive and well. My pepper plants have already been producing little baby peppers…wtf. It’s not even spring!

boots web

So, some of my friends planned a trip to hit up the Rockys in Keystone and Breckenridge; I’ve never been, so needless to say, I was in. What’s winter without snow? It just doesn’t feel right otherwise. We hit the road and drove from sunny 70°F weather into 45° and snowy conditions. Let me tell you, Texas is one big ass state; it takes forever to drive through it, but the change of scenery is is nice. I’ve always been a fan of road trips, despite the long drives. There’s so many neat things to see along the way, and history to experience.

spencer + john - web

Finally after two days of travel, we awoke to our first day on the mountain. There was nothing but bluebird skies and sunrays; it was a beautiful day full of anticipation and excitement. And those mountains though…for a girl that grew up in the panhandle of Texas, it’s always great to see anything more than farm lands and flat horizons.

tree web

jimmy + john web

Meet Jimmy and Jon; mentally preparing to take on the morning, excited for the day to come after driving for many, many hours across the plains and a few unexpected events, such as a car breaking down and slightly catching on fire. Yikes. Needless to say, nothing was going to prevent anyone from having a good time, because sometimes shit happens, and you just have to roll with it.

samia - web

My dear friend Samia, looking pretty badass and ready to board. Goggles? Check. Gloves? Check? Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all that gear. For us in Austin, we don’t need to wear many layers, so this is a definite change of pace.

mountain view web

Good god almighty, the views from the condo were lovely; I could spend every morning on the balcony of that condo, coffee in hand. How could you ever grow tired of this view?

morning coffee web

Early morning coffee never tasted so good with a mountain range view and beautiful sunrise. I would love to wake up to that every single morning. Perhaps someday, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy my gorgeous Texas sunrises and sunsets, cactus, and 100ºF + weather.

mountain sunrise web

I would say one of the best parts about traveling out west is the time change; I’m already a morning person, but not really early. I beat the sunrise, but just in time to make my cup of coffee and barely start to wake up. I’m not camera ready and eager at sunrise. Now that daylights savings time has gone into affect, I may very well be, but first I have to catch up to my sleep schedule. Luckily, in Colorado, I was wide awake, coffee in hand, and ready to catch some gorgeous sunrise photos. This valley…

mountain sunrise clouds web

Despite bluebird skys and calm weather, we did experience some snow on our very last day in Colorado. We woke up to coffee on the balcony and faint white flurries that continued to grow stronger throughout the morning. By the time we were packed and ready to leave, the flurries were thick and swirling with the wind. It was amazing to see, but I was definitely thankful I was not on the mountain in that weather.

samia snow web

We don’t get snow like this in south Texas y’all. Samia and I had to stop and do a mini photo shoot in these luscious snowflakes! So thick, so gorgeous, so magical. Snow.

samia snow portrait web

snow web

Colorado, I had a great time. You were beautiful, majestic, and inspiring. I can’t wait until a summer visit to experience your other side.

mountain sunrise lense flare web


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