Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Spritz

It’s 100Β°F outside, and triple digits always call for a refreshingly cool drink! It’s actually been a pretty mild summer for Texas, which is more than welcome; the fact that it took us until the end of July to reach triple digits is surprisingly awesome. I’ll take it!

Whether tripe or double digits, there’s nothing like a fresh squeezed lemonade to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Even better than that, how about a boozy lemonade? Prosecco and vodka, check! I had some fresh strawberries on hand, so I threw those in there, because strawberry lemonade is my favorite lemonade combo, aside from sweet tea and lemonade. It’s a hard toss up between those two!

strawberry lemonade prep iii

I wanted to throw in some fresh herbs from the garden, but couldn’t make up my mind on which one! I finally landed on rosemary, and in the end mint and basil lost, but would still be delicious option, maybe in the future. Something has been munching on my mint plant, so some necessary steps are in order to prevent that! Anyway…rosemary it is, in the form of homemade rosemary simple syrup. It’s worth it.

strawberry lemonade prep

Mmmm, fresh chopped strawberries! This is such a delicious and versatile fruit. Its amazing alone, goes well in drinks and smoothies, wonderful with desserts and salads, a perfect pairing with cereal and oatmeal, and the list goes on. Strawberries, I love you!

strawberry lemonade mortar + pestal

I just bought this lovely mortar + pestle combination and I am loving it! I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while, glad I finally did. I used it to crush up the rosemary to release the fragrances. That piney smell is so relaxing to me, such a wonderful aroma.

stawberry lemonade prep ii

Oh! How fun are these variegated pink lemons? Yes, real pink lemonade! I just couldn’t help but pick them up in the grocery store. I used them in combination with the large meyer lemons, other wise I would have been squeezing lemons for a lot longer, and honestly, I was starting to get thirsty.

strawberry lemonade spritz ii

In the end, this freshly made lemonade is completed with a prosecco and vodka combo, for a fizzy strawberry lemonade with a kick. I hope it quenches your thirst!


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