About Oh Little Foxes

ohlittle foxes profile

Hello and welcome, my name is Rachel, and I’m the one woman team behind Oh Little Foxes. Established as a creative outlet for my everyday projects and experiences, it has allowed myself to create, share, and encourage others through a variety of passions from cocktails, florals, antiques, and more.

My motto is to explore handcrafted creativity one day at a time. Each day is an opportunity to create something new, no matter how simple or elaborate; it’s a chance to continually learn, and challenge ourselves to engage in new experiences.

One of my favorite animals is the fox, who draws strength from wisdom, adaptability, determination, and passion. In the spirit of the fox, find what brings you joy, pursue that, and never give up. Use your surroundings and personality to your advantage and play into your own individual strengths. Never let fear or intimidation keep you from leaping into something unknown; as a (mostly) self-taught artist, taking the first step on a new journey can sometimes be the hardest, but you’ll find your footing along the way and gain the wisdom you’re determined to embrace. To all the little foxes out there, be unique, and live your life for each day, always staying curious and pursuing self expression.


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