Thrift Curations: Romantic Industrial

For those who don’t know me, let me just say, I love antiques and vintage items. I honestly can say I attribute it to my parents, at least the introduction to the art of antiquing. As a kid, I remember how I was “dragged” to many antique stores and malls, walking up and down the aisles thinking about how bored I was. Man, how times have changed! Now I cannot get enough, and I have my parents to thank. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! One of my favorite past times is antique hunting with those two.

antique collection

Recently, I took my parents to the Austin City Wide Garage Sale; I’ve been a few times, but this was their first. It’s not a “garage sell” perse, more like a giant estate sale full of awesome antiques, and then some. Personally, I think it has some of the best antique/vintage home decor prices in town! I grew up in small town Texas, so I’m used to hunting antiques and vintage finds in…well, small towns throughout Texas. Austin has some amazing antique shops, but also some prices that are far above and beyond my price point. I personally enjoy the hunt for a great price, it’s just my thing. To each his/her own!Read More »