Fresh Flowers: Lavish Lavender

I’ve really been digging purple flowers lately, what can I say?  Especially shades is lilac, lavender, and grape. I think deep down I’m just ready for Spring, arguably one of my favorite seasons up there with Autumn.

Spring or no spring, I was inspired by these lovely purple flowers I stumbled upon at the flower market. I decided to stick with a soft, feminine palette with shades of light pink, lilac, and cream.

This floral recipe is made up of dahlia, peonies, hellebores, dusty miller, feather eucalyptus, and calcinea.

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Fresh Flowers: Violet Valentine’s

Hello world! I hope your Sunday is going as well as mine; it’s a beautiful day, the sun it out, and I’ve got some fresh flowers to enjoy! It happens to also be Valentine’s Day, you know, the holiday full of chocolates, red roses, and diamonds. Well…I’m not one to subscribe to the traditional Valentine’s Day, so I decided to throw together a lovely arrangement full of shades of violet, mauve, and lilac and deviated away from the usual pink and red.

boutinerre layout

But who says this holiday has to be about romantic love? How about those in our lives whom we love and bring us great joy? That’s why I also love to support Galentines/Palentines day! We should be celebrating anyone and everyone who makes a difference in our life. That also includes yourself; take some time to appreciate yourself and treat yo’ self, because we all know that a lot of times we end up putting ourselves second to everything.

white runnuculus close up

That being said, one of my favorite things to have around the house are fresh flowers. They never fail to bring a smile to my face with their cheerfulness, sweet aromas, and delicate petals. Even something as small as flowers can brighten your day. So again, treat yo’ self to some flowers anytime, anywhere! Who say’s someone has to give them to you as a romantic gesture?Read More »

Fresh Flowers: Fantastic Fuchsia Pink

Jeez, sometimes I can’t get enough of fresh flowers! It’s truly one thing I don’t ever think I’ll get over or give up. Sometimes it’s a bit of an addiction, and it doesn’t help when your friends feed it! I currently have two friends working in the floral industry, so when they give you free flowers that are just leftovers, how can you turn that down?

pink rose dahlia celosia arrangement

I recently received a ridiculous amount of roses from my dear friend Laura; and when I say ridiculous, I mean it. 100 roses? What to do with 100 roses! Granted some of them were already dying and therefore unusable, but plenty others were ready, waiting to be arranged into something beautiful. My favorite of the bunch were these beautiful pink tipped white roses; they smelled delicious, looked amazing, and added the perfect touch of elegance to my otherwise bold and eclectic arrangement.Read More »

Fresh Flowers: Peachy Keen

First post? Yes. Let’s do this! Today’s topic? FLOWERS, YAY!

OK seriously, I can get a little too giddy over fresh flowers; what can I say beside I love them! They add so much character, whimsy, and romance to an office or living space, and there’s no substitute, except an enchanting garden full of fresh flowers of course. Silk floral arrangements are nice, but just don’t do it for me. Flower snob? I would like to think not, I just genuinely enjoy fresh flowers and all they have to offer. I only wish they didn’t die, makes me sad every time. But then again, there’s a whole new bunch of flowers waiting at the market to be picked up and played with. 
peach rose gladiolus floral

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying my hand at floral design. Note, I am not a professional, nor do I have any training what so ever. This is purely a hobby of mine, and possibly poorly executed. But then again, it’s only for me and my creative outlet, so I just create what I want. That being said,I did pick up a book recently that’s full of wonderful ideas, great instructions, and tips on specific flowers. It’s called The Flower Recipe Book and it’s lovely! If you have an interest in making your own arrangements at home, then it may just be the book for you. That and the world wide web of course!Read More »